When Supernatural fans get children

  • Mom: Good night, sweetie.
  • Child: Mommy, I'm scared.
  • Mom: Of what?
  • Child: Of ghosts...
  • Mom: Wait right here.
  • Mom: *goes to the kitchen*
  • Mom: *comes back with a bag of salt*
  • Mom: *makes a line of salt all around the child's bed*
  • Mom: *throws some salt under the bed too because those bitches might be under it you'd never know*
  • Mom: Done. Now you're good to go.
  • Child: Thanks mom. But what about demons?
  • Mom: Sweetheart, there's a demon's trap all around your entire bedroom under the carpet since we bought the house.
  • Child: Thanks. I love you, mom.
  • Mom: Love you too, good night. The angels are watching over you.
  • Child: The nice angels.
  • Mom: The nice angels.


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Lust (Spongebob) - our final analogy is probably the least apparent because we typically think of ‘lust’ in a sexual sense. However, the alternative definition for lust is simply “a passionate desire for something”. In this sense of the word, it cannot be denied that our absorbent yellow friend is an extremely lustful creature. Spongebob has a lust for life that is incomparable to most other cartoon characters - he yearns for the affections of both friend and foe alike, is eager to please, and will often stop at nothing to complete a task.


Fun Prom Themes


  • The Red Wedding- Play the Rains of Castamere over and over 
  • Arabian Mornings- Like Arabian Nights- but sunny
  • Roman Senate- Have the prom court overthrow the prom queen!
  • The Great Gatsby- Everyone just stares at a green light 
  • Life of Pi- Is the tiger real or no- NO, NO IT’S REAL OH MY GOD
  • Eurovision 
  • Starry Night: 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s definitely getting hot in here.